Welcome to a wild, untamed retreat, where every season brings its own wonders and surprises. Long ago we decided that instead of mowing the land, we’d actively support the flourishing habitats around the homestead.

Visitors have a unique opportunity to encounter a diversity of natural experiences in the ambiance of old farm remains and equipment. There’s always something worth seeing and exploring, whether it’s a wild mushroom plot, monarch butterflies sipping nectar, or a pair of gliding eagles swooping down the valley.

During our walks, you’ll learn about herbs, herbal medicine, and folklore. We study natural processes up close and taste dishes prepared from our own produce and wildcrafted plants.

Moments when we can connect with nature are rare. That’s why we feel that saving this environment is a worthwhile commitment. We hope to give back and share in the bounty that Nature has to offer.

For more info or to schedule a walk, Contact me.