It’s very satisfying to see people enjoy products that are made from our herbs. There’s so much vitality in the plants. Open a jar of chamomile and you can actually smell the honey that bees have been making from its flowers. Calendula petals are richly colored. This is not by accident, but the combination of our pristine land and sustainable, integrative methods.
 Some herbs we grow from heirloom or straight species seeds; others are wildcrafted on our property. Our first priority is to increase healthy plant populations. All herbs grow in a natural environment, relying on the connections between soil, water, plants, and all life forms. Untouched for decades, neither fertilizer or pesticide has accumulated in the soil. We pay attention to the small details, like removing cut plants from the field in minimal time, and to major strategies, like harvesting only at peak of potency. Our goal is to offer high-quality products we’re proud of.

We offer fresh and dried herbs for local markets in a 150 ml radius around the Catskills region, including Albany and New York City, selling to crafters of medicinal and personal care products committed to using natural sources and processes.