My name is Daphne. I learned about plants by following my grandmother in the garden and watching how, as if by magic, she created a lush, inviting world. During HS, I spent time in my aunt’s nursery business, learning how to grow and tend to seedlings, help clients choose plants, and explain care techniques. My mother gave me the skills to combine natural garden design with practicality.

Many decades later, after embarking on a life-changing path, I went back to my roots and studied horticulture, landscape design, and landscape maintenance at the New York Botanical Garden. 

The importance of medicinal plants and the realization that habitats are being destroyed brought Jerome and me to the decision that we can actively maintain an integrated sanctuary and farm, yet make our living off of it.

I enjoy finding long-term, easy to implement garden designs and solutions based on talks with clients, site analysis, and goals. Many clients request private lessons in pruning for health and beauty, nursery selections, how-to gardening projects, and best practices to go organic.

Speaking engagements have always been a passion. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, teach, learn and share.

Today I am a conservationist, a farmer, a garden coach, a speaker.


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